Monday, March 28, 2011

Springtime 2011~ The Tree Year March Challenge

It's been the longest winter anyone around here can remember. It was truly epic, and has led to a longing for Springtime in all her lusciousness like we've never had before. And so, as it would be... Springtime is taking her sweet time in arriving as well. I planted snow peas today in the garden, in between the shiny earthworms and the icy crystals of rich earth. Deep in the dark cellar seedlings are starting under lights, and a new beehive is making it's way into being. We are preparing for a wonderful season ahead!

I'm excited to tell you about The Tree Year project. We'll be participating with our beautiful Grandmother white pine that stands center court at Hemlock Hollow. The Tree Year is a beautiful communal blog based on the simple joys of nature observation and the incredible richness that can be gleaned from this kind of appreciation. I participated in January, but missed out on February, and am happy to be back again for March and the rest of the year. Please check it out by clicking the button up top of our blog, and enjoy.

In the 11 (or 15) minutes I observed our tree, she was visited by several squirrels... as well as the crows who nest in her branches. One blue jay sat on a low branch for a few minutes, watching me. There are many, many fallen limbs under her boughs from winter's long and snowy days... I am hoping to build a trellis for my morning glories with them again this year.