Monday, March 8, 2010

....we join our story, already in progress...

Happy springtime, friends! This blog is a long time in coming... it's stood ready and waiting for the last few years, we've just been too busy to pick it up and make something of it. We came to Hemlock Hollow in late 2007 with our sweet little dream of creating an oasis of green bliss just outside of the heart of the mid-sized city of Bristol, Connecticut... the town from which three generations of my family hail.

This blog is first for Zoe, so she will have this record of her history to remember these sparkling days of her childhood. It's also for us as a family, to share and expand our many interests and ideas with friends and family. We're so inspired by the evolving and rapidly changing world around us, and are passionate about exploring and learning at every opportunity we're offered. We hope to use this venue as incentive to keep our focus and maintain our vision, something that can slip when times are busy and life is full to overflowing.

This first post comes as spring is stretching it's tendrils towards us, as dawn breaks on an exciting new season for us all. The last year brought us much change and new growth, sometimes painful, sometimes joyous, always necessary. We are recharged after a long, slow and comfortable winter... and are integrating the infusion of new energy that comes with the rebirth of the Earth herself at this special time of year.

Within the next few months, we will have built a new coop for our expanding flock of chickens and introduced honeybees into a top bar hive we will have built ourselves (fulfilling a long time dream for Mama)! We will be busy with planting our big, beautiful organic gardens with the help of the moon and the Old Farmer's Almanac, dreaming of sugar snap peas (with their magnificent fairy flowers) and fresh spinach already!! This spring will have us busy planting more flower and herb gardens, and at least a million other chores and projects that this old cranky house is asking for. We're striving with intention to make time for our other interests, in some cases long ignored and just being rediscovered, in other cases brand new. We could not be more excited by the future! In gratitude to all, for all. Blessings!


poppy said...
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Weave Your Life LLC said...

How wonderful you are sharing this with us and for Zoe!!!